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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Western Regional Research Center (WRRC) Pilot Plant is used to discover, develop and deploy innovative scientific and technological solutions in agriculture for the public and stake-holders in the Western United States, the Pacific Rim, and beyond.   

WRRC is eager to explore new partnerships that would make use of the WRRC Pilot Plant in such areas as development of new bio-based products, biofuels and bioenergy from agricultural products/byproducts; new healthy food forms utilizing fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains; and water and energy‐efficient new methods for food processing and preservation.  

The pilot plant consists of 22,800 square feet of flexible space which is available for safe confidential processing of agricultural crops leading to edible food products and non-food based bioproducts and biofuels. The space is equally divided into Food Processing Lab (FPL) and Industrial Processing Lab (IP). These pilot labs are equipped with a wide range of process equipment representing most important unit operations needed for foods and crop conversion and component separation. The space allows use of modular equipment, as well as the assembly of coordinated process sequences to meet the needs of a wide range of important agricultural research projects. In addition, over 22,000 square feet of analytical laboratory space is dedicated to evaluation of product quality and functionality.

Research Units
•    Bioproducts
•    Crop Improvement and Genetics
•    Invasive Species and Pollinator Health
•    Foodborne Toxin Detection and Prevention
•    Healthy Processed Foods
•    Produce Safety and Microbiology

Pilot Plant Facilities and Equipment:
•    45,000 sq. ft. pilot plant
•    Ambient and heated mixing
•    Atmospheric and vacuum canning
•    Culinary steam blanching
•    Coating
•    Cutting and milling
•    Injection molding
•    Hot and cold presses
•    Extrusion (single and double screw)
•    BioFlo IV reactor
•    Filtration (physical, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis)
•    Spray drying, vacuum evaporation, and freeze drying
•    Freezing
•    Pasteurizing
•    Peeling
•    Puffing
•    Size reduction
•    Materials testing
•    Pelletizing
•    Jet cooking


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