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The Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC) has three pilot plant facilities as part of its operations. Included are the Industrial Pilot Plant, used for milling and oilseed extraction; the Food Pilot Plant, used for many food processing operations; and the Textile Mill, used to support cotton fiber and textile production and finishing work. 

SRRC is eager to explore new partnerships that would make use of the SRRC Pilot Plants in such areas as food safety; global food security; climate change; biofuel; health and nutrition priorities; as well as general agricultural sustainability needs to decrease our dependence on fossil fuel.  

Research focus is on food processing, oil seed extraction, food safety/prevention of mycotoxins, textile fiber testing, processing and finishing, pyrolysis processing, biofuels feedstocks, biotechnology/gene insertion plants and microbes, and environmental testing.

Pilot Facilities
1.    Non-Food pilot plant (5,600 sq ft): pilot- scale pyrolysis processing, sugarcane/sweet sorghum/sugar processing.
2.    Food Processing pilot plant (4,000 sq ft): pilot-scale processing of fruit and rice.
3.    Textile Mill pilot plant (30,400 sq ft): fiber testing, processing (woven and non- woven), and chemical finishing.

Research Units:
•    Cotton Structure and Quality
•    Cotton Fiber Bioscience
•    Cotton Chemistry and Utilization
•    Commodity Utilization
•    Food and Feed Safety
•    Food Processing and Sensory Quality

Pilot Plant Facilities and Equipment
•    40,000 sq. ft. pilot plant
•    Milling equipment (knife, hammer, attrition, pin mills, etc.)
•    Reactors (glass and stainless-steel jacketed reactors)
•    Fiber carding, drawing, spinning, knitting, and weaving operations
•    Non-woven fiber processing
•    Fabric wet processing, dyeing, and chemical treatments
•    Solvent extraction and processing
•    Extrusion (single and twin barrel screw extruders)
•    Ultrafiltration
•    Ultrasonic treatment
•    Evaporation
•    Pelleting
•    Pyrolysis
•    Heat treatment (ovens, furnaces)
•    Freeze-drying (barrel, shelf, manifold)
•    Fermentation
•    Particle separations (screening, air classification, gravity table separations)
•    Dehulling
•    Blending and mixing


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