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600 East Mermaid Lane
Wyndmoor, PA 19038
United States

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The Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) pilot plant facilities are a grouping of unique resources in Wyndmoor, PA, dedicated to greater utilization of agricultural products. At these facilities, new processes developed by ARS scientists and engineers and their partners are scaled-up and new products under development are produced to support testing and evaluation programs. The pilot plant consists of more than 20,000 sq. ft. of space with utilities and equipment for research at pilot and near commercial scales.

EERC is eager to explore new partnerships that would make use of the ERRC Pilot Plant in such areas as food safety; sustainable bioenergy production; dairy and food processing innovations; health – promoting functional foods; food ingredients; consumer products; and bio-based products.

Research Units:
•    Biobased and Other Animal Co-Products
•    Dairy and Functional Foods
•    Food Safety and Intervention Technologies
•    Molecular Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens
•    Residue Chemistry and Predictive 
•    Microbiology
•    Sustainable Biofuels and Co-Products

Equipment Categories:
•    20,000 sq. ft. pilot plant
-    Food and bio-based processing
-    Dairy processing
-    Grains
-    BSL-2 containment
-    Fermentation
-    Tannery
-    Sensory lab
•    Drying: spray, shelf, freeze, tray, drum, and convective
•    Batch and continuous chemical reactions
•    Fermentation
•    Evaporation
•    Size reduction, mixing, and classification. Dry and wet milling
•    Ultra-high-pressure system Parr CO2 extraction
•    Oil extraction and purification
•    Extrusion and molding
•    Dairy processing: milk processing, cheese making and testing, rheometers with mixing, film coating, microfiltration and microfluidization
•    Pasteurization: hot water, UV, CO2, RF, PEF, VSV flash, HTST-UHT, and hyperbaric systems for liquid and produce
•    Integrated liquid processing line
•    Dry-grind ethanol processing and distillation
•    Thermochemical bio-mass to bio-oil conversion (Fast Pyrolysis)
•    Hide processing
•    Controlled environment testing; Tensile, shear, cyclic, burst, flex, abrasive, and acoustic


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