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Description:  The 59 MDW/ST Office of Research and Technology Applications, or simply “the ORTA” supports and enables clinicians to conduct collaborative medical research and development with industry, academia, and any other non-government organizations.  Most agreements are Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, simply known as a CRADAs, that are legally binding agreements that define all expectations and ensure both parties can freely share research-related information, while also ensuring data will be protected and credit for any new discoveries will be shared.  The ORTA also supports researchers with protecting their Intellectual Property, or “IP” by filing invention disclosures for patent or copyright protection.  Until the IP is secured, anyone with sufficient information about a new discovery can file and be awarded a patent for being the first to file, which is why it’s important to secure new IP before publishing to prevent others from filing first.  The ORTA also helps with establishing patent license agreements with industry to enable them to use a military medical patent to create and sell a medical product commercially.  Such licenses help transition ideas to fielded products without large investments of developmental funding by the military, and may result in the payment of royalties to the inventors listed on the patent.  The team also supports researchers who are transitioning maturing research to a program office for development, acquisition, and fielding or application.  This action requires multiple steps to align the research to the best end-user representative(s), the correct type of governmental funding based on the technology readiness level, and the correct program management office who will manage the effort and lead the  project team.  One other aspect of managing a project to produce a medical product is having the best regulatory approach for obtaining U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval or clearance.  To help researchers, the 59 MDW provides FDA information and support to address early questions about developing or reviewing a proposed regulatory pathway for a research proposal, to actually engaging the FDA to obtain answers and support from ongoing or maturing research.  The team also supports researchers when they interact with small businesses and universities who are developing new, novel medical products of interest, and with utilizing the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs that provide funding for developing medical products that address military requirements and have the potential for commercialization.  If you are interested in any of these capabilities, please reach out to the ORTA office for more information.

Mission statement:  Support medical research by facilitating collaboration and supporting the transfer and transition of medical technologies and knowledge to commercial and fielded capabilities

Vision statement: Enabling warfighters with optimized medical knowledge, technologies, and capabilities required to execute and accomplish operational missions, save lives, and optimize health of service members 

Objective statement: Support the National Defense Strategy three (3) Lines of Effort (LOE) to advance readiness, expand partnerships, and reform the way we do business to improve performance.


The 59th Medical Wing Chief Scientist's Office, Science and Technology (59MDW/ST) is to provide strategic leadership, scientific, technical, bio-statistical, research and regulatory compliance, and program management guidance and support for clinical investigations, studies and translational research conducted by investigators and their collaborators to address unique scientific needs of the 59th Medical Wing, Defense Health Agency (DHA), United States Air Force and Air Force Medical Service (AFMS), joint medical R&D community, Department of Defense (DoD), and the Nation.  This specialized expertise enables researchers to exploit new knowledge while developing, evaluating, and integrating applications of innovative technologies to provide the very best patient-centered care in the pre-hospital, in- and -out-patient environment, maintaining and restoring warfighter and beneficiary health, and building warrior medics to address present and future mission challenges.  The ST office supports clinical researchers at over 70 sites worldwide. Authority for 59 MDW clinical research is granted generally by 10 USC §2358. More specifically, authority is provided through DOD Directive 6200.04, Force Health Protection, which states "The Department of Defense shall pursue scientific and technological advancements to improve and protect the health of the force through medical research, development, clinical investigations, technology insertion, and appropriate acquisition strategies."  The 59 MDW/ST established the Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) in 2017 to provide researchers and principal investigators with Technology Transfer (T2) and Transition (T3) information, support, assistance, management, and execution for the promotion of rapid fielding/application of enhanced medical knowledge and medical products by the US military operations and forces.   


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